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Centrifuge's knowledge

The centrifuge drum maintenance

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How to maintain centrifuge’s drum? Let's take a look at drum’s maintenance problems.

The centrifuge should be cut off power supply before releasing the brake, it can rotate the drum with hands and see if there is any bite between the drum and other parts.

Check other parts and see if there is any loose or abnormal cases.

Start:  Turn on the power and the drum rotates along clockwise direction (usually it costs 40-60 seconds from static state to normal operation).

Usually each centrifuge should be run idle till 3 hours,it can start work if there is abnormal situation.

Filling material into centrifuge with stable and even speed.

Only designated person can operate the machine, and the input materials shall not exceed the rated capacity.

Forbidden to operate the machine overspeedly, it can affect the machine’s service life.

After starting operation, we must stop running if ther is any abnormal situation, if necessary, the machine should be repaired and washed thoroughly.

The centrifuge works at a high speed, forbidden the body touch the running drum during working.

Filteration cloth’s mesh should be adjusted according to the size of the processing solid particles, otherwise it will affect the separation efficiency. Additionally,the filteration cloth should be put inside of the rotary drum, to prevent the materials escaping from the drum.

To ensure the centrifuge works at normal condition, rotating components should be filled lubricant oil in every six months. At the same time, should check the bearing lubrication condition and wear condition, the brake device’s wear condition,etc. If there is heavy wear condition, should be replace these components with a new one.

Check the bearing bore and see if there is oil leakage or not.

Should clean and keep centrifuge’s tidy after finishing works.

Don't use noni-corrosion type centrifuge to separating high corrosive materials, Additionally, should strictly operating the machine according to the requirements of operation and regulation, the explosion-proof type centrifuge must not be used for inflammable and explosive working condition.