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Centrifuge's knowledge

Principle of centrifuge and classification

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     1. Filtering centrifuge: This kind of centrifuge adopts centrifugal separation method to separate components in suspension liquid. There are many holes on filtering centrifuge drum’s wall, the separation medium cover the inside drum’s surface . Filled suspension liquid was rotated together with the great pressure of centrifugal drum, under the effect of pressure, the suspension liquid flows through the filter medium and the drum wall hole, solids material was blocked in the separation medium surface, so as to realize the separation of solid and liquid.


     The centrifuges are divided into the three foot centrifuge , suspended centrifuge, scraper discharging centrifuge, piston push centrifuge, spiral discharge centrifuge, vibration discharge centrifuge, etc.


     2 .Sediment centrifuge:  This kind of centrifuge is a new type of horizontal spiral discharge centrifuge, the working principle uses the solid-liquid specific gravity difference, and expand it to thousands of times on centrifugal force, so as to realize the solid-liquid separation, the solid material is discharged by special mechanism respectively. The feed and separation process is continuous, closed and automatic completion.