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Centrifuge's knowledge

Plate type centrifuge instrument patent

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         On November 13th, 2013, the second session of equipment patent presentation meeting hold in Changsha city,this meeting was presided by the Industry and Information department deputy director Mr. Li Wei, Industry and Information department deputy director Mr. Han Jun,National knowledge property protection department deputy director Mr.Yang Zhe, China shipping building comprehensive trade economic research institute, vice President Mr. Zhang Xinlong, Hunan Economic and Information committee deputy director Mr.Zhuo Qun attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

         The meeting announced the Equipment Patent Situation Statement (2013), elaborated the automobiles, ships, bearings, instruments ,meters and other key patent structure characteristics of crafts category, and put forward the next stage, Industry and Information ministry will continue to perform two projects as the main line, strengthen basic work to foster industry knowledge property right.

    The statement said China's equipment industry patent application rose highly in 2012, accounted for 28.1% of the China whole patent application’s quanitity, the patent category occupied 34.8%,increased 5.5% at the same time in previous year.

         Industry and Information Ministry’s equipment industrialization department deputy director Mr.Li Wei indicated that, at present, our country equipment’s industry stepped into the low speed of increase range. Double digit ratio increasing is difficult to achieve. "Although facing the facts, knowledge property rights is still very active. Especially the patent applications rose 50% in 2012 against previous year." From the device characteristics of the patent application, the primary performance are instruments, electronic industry, petrochemical general equipment industry accounted for more than 50%. Instruments, meters, printing machinery, agricultural machinery equipment, machine tool industry is the highest density patent application industry.