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Centrifuge's knowledge

Medical centrifuge widely market

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  According to the data from 2009 to 2011, the domestic brands of centrifugal unit market share is 8.0%, 7.6% and 7.8% respectively, the market capacity is 27.5 billion Yuan, 32 billion Yuan and 42 billion Yuan. To approach the peak of refrigeration technology, it is repeated words after producing new centrifuge products. Over these years, centrifuge technology has been regarded as the central air-conditioning industry technical barriers. But the technical barriers were overcome in 2013.

  Although the above data is not reflected in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, but we can see that centrifuges are widely used. Centrifuges have been widely used in the medical field.

  It is understood that human body’s cells, DNA molecules are separated by the medical centrifuge machines for study, such high-speed centrifuges’ rotational speed is 5000rpm or above, usually under 60000rpm, it can provide ten thousand times the acceleration of centrifugal gravity force on the separation of small molecules. And blood separation is below 3000rmp,the centrifuges can work in large amount, in order to meet the requirements of GMP in pharmaceutical production, in general, the centrifuges use stainless steel materials.

  Domestic centrifuge manufacturer's have developed and made a long-term progress, but the overall strength of centrifugal unit still has very big gap compared with foreign brands, so domestic companies still need to strengthen the technical level and innovation, promote the health and long-term development in medical centrifuges field.