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Centrifuge's knowledge

Centrifuge's competition in air condition field

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  In 2014, domestic centrifuge brands focused the centrifuge’s researching and developing on the type of inverter, photovoltaic direct drive, magnetic levitation, falling film type, double working condition and so on, in addition, the centrifugal heat pump unit may be another focus on research and development and promotion.
  2013 year had become the past, looking back at that year, the whole central air-conditioning market undergone the test of unclear macroeconomic situation, succeeded in market capacity increase again. 2013 year is extremely successful year for the centrifuges, centrifuge’s the innovation was occurred for the whole of 2013.
  On January 18th, 2013, Shandong Geruide Co. announced its new R&D of centrifugal chiller offline smoothly, this is a new brand in centrifuge’s field; On January 19th, Guoxiang Air Conditioner Co. announced to increase new centrifuge products to customers in a conference in 2013; On March 22th, Meidi Co.’s high efficient two-stage compression falling film type centrifugal unit assessments held in Chongqing city. In April China Refrigeration Exhibition, apart from the four major foreign brands, Gree, Haier Dun’an,Renyuan and Hefei Swan Co. showed their new centrifugal units; On April 12, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry invested 1.60 billion Yuan to a new joint venture for producing centrifugal chiller units. From September, Mitsubishi Heavy Industry began to hold technology communication meeting in the China’s important regions; On December 12th,Meidi Co.’s high efficient centrifuge as confirmed as a international leading products by the Ministry of Housing; On December 21th, Gree Co. launched a photovoltaic direct driving frequency centrifuge and Expert Appraisal Committee recognized as an international leading product.
  Many enterprises to join or increase the centrifuge’s R&D and promotion, it fully proved that the centrifuge has great attraction. The authoritative media of  China 2013 Central Air-conditioning market report showed that the overall capacity of centrifugal machine is about 4.8 billion Yuan in 2013, rose 4.3% as the previous same period. It is believed that the overall capacity of centrifugal unit will to ascend again in 2014. And more new companies will join this product series.
  For the centrifuge, sales amount is about 5000 unit over the country in each year.. At present, Four big foreign brands and LG, Dunhan Bush, Meidi, Gree, Haier brand occupied major domestic market, other brand occupies only a small portion. In spite of this fact, still have new plants are flocking to the centrifuge industry field. The reason is that the centrifuge is the highest type in the central air-conditioning industry line, enterprises have the centrifuge product line can not only enrich its product line, but also can represent an invisible honor, master the high-end and the core technology. It has a positive role for promoting and conducting propaganda in marketing work.
  In early 2014, Kaili Co.launched Dingku 19XR two-stage centrifugal machine. The unit adopts the dynamic simulation technology to optimize the new two-stage compressor, applied 3D strengthening heating pipe and the latest generation of PIC5 color touch screen intelligent control system, performance is excellent, COP reached 6.5 at the AHRI work condition, 2000 tons of cooler unit noise is lowed to 85 db, single compressor cooling capacity expanded to 2250 cooling tons. Kaili Co.’s new products focused on optimization of details so as to increase the centrifugal machine’s energy efficiency ratio. Kaili Co.’s new product is only an epitome of four big foreign brands in centrifugal field. After all, years of experience in centrifugal R&D and sales are their biggest wealth. And homebred brands focused in the inverter, photovoltaic direct drive, magnetic levitation, falling film type, double working condition and so on, although the way of technology and foreign brand are different, but the same goal is to meet energy conservation and emissions reduction.
  In 2014, the centrifugal heat pump unit may become another focus on R&D and promotion. On the one hand, northern China’s persistent haze weather needs to reduce pollution and use clean energy. Especially on central heating supply, it cannot be solved in a short time, s using centrifugal heat pump unit or plain source heat pump units to replace the boiler will be a feasible project. On the other hand, the central heating supply in southern China. Compared with the northern China, the southern China has less heating area, there is no central heating pipes among each city, only some single district has central heating supply system. At the same time, in the pursuit of low carbon energy conservation and emission reduction, green environment, using centrifugal heat pump unit in both macro policy and working environment is very suitable for these area.
  Although foreign brands and domestic brands have strengthened centrifuge technology upgrade and reform, but more important is the product ‘s mature processing technology and strict construction installation. Especially for the domestic brands, because there is no sufficient sales and installation experience for centrifuge machine, this is a hidden under the user's use and for the future. To this,the producers should pay attention to strengthen the training for dealers while continuously strengthen the R&D ability in centrifuge machines.